"About six months ago I visited my Naturopath for a number of ailments and health concerns. After testing me, she strongly suspected that I had Candida. I would need a thorough detoxification, so she referred me to Joanne Brophy.

Over the years, with her numerous clients, Joanne has become very expert in the recovery of Candida.

As we worked together over the ensuing months to bring this condition under control, I began to realize that I had put myself in the hands of a thoroughly professional and committed health practitioner. Colonic Therapy was part of the cleansing process, along with a very strict diet, together with natural supplements. During the following weeks and months, I learned a great deal from her. She had much patience in explaining and re-explaining elements of my program, how food and life choices all work together to create a healthy person. No question was too simple or ridiculous; she wanted me to learn and she cared that I did so.

Her mission is not only to help her clients to heal, but to educate them so that they are empowered to live healthy and fulfilling lives."

Marlene Redekopp, Kitchener, ON