Fungus & Yeast Infection

Candida Infection – What is it?
Candida albicans and other strains of yeast are single cell organisms that are normally present in human bodies, especially in the digestive tract. There are at least 25 strains of micro-organisms of which Candida is most common. They are kept in check by friendly, healthy bacteria that reside in the intestines. The Candida organism can increase in number and change from yeast-like form into the mycelial fungal form. This fungal micro-organism lives predominantly in the colon as it attaches itself by its tentacles deeply into the walls of the intestines. When it develops into a yeast infection, evidence of local irritation appears in the mouth, throat, sinuses, intestines, genitals, fingernails, toenails, and skin. Candida is the first cousin to molds. However, when left undiagnosed, or untreated, it can become a chronic condition which can seriously undermine the body's immune system and put you at risk for pre-cancer.

Infection, Leaky Gut & Allergies
When the immune system response is inadequate, then the invading fungus will not be destroyed and is allowed to multiply and pervade the tissues of the body. The fungal form of Candida invades the gastrointestinal lining creating “leaky gut”. The fungus leaks into the circulating blood and travels to the other organs of the body. There now is an infection going on in the body. Also, undigested antigens leak out too, giving rise to allergic reactions. It is not surprising then that food allergy is one of the more common problems encountered in chronic Candidiasis infections. Constipation, diarrhea and rectal gas are common problems now. With a lack of friendly bacteria to keep the fungus in check, the condition may progress, causing multiple nutritional deficiencies, including anemia.

What is the result?
The body becomes easily tired, irritable, and even more susceptible to diseases. Symptoms multiply, the immune system is overloaded, allergies appear, more medication is prescribed, and the FUNGUS/YEAST INFECTION SYNDROME is on its course.

Intestinal Flora
Candida normally lives peacefully with the other intestinal flora, the acidophilus and bifidus bacteria, referred to as the “friendly bacteria”. This “good” bacteria and the immune system keep Candida in check. If Candida is allowed to have a population burst, this means that the friendly bacteria is destroyed and the immune system is weakened. The intestinal flora must be replenished with Probiotics taken orally, and possibly vaginally or rectally if needed.

Main Goals
The main goals should be to cleanse the colon, balance the stomach acid, support the liver, kill off the fungus, replenish the intestinal flora, and rebuild the immune system.

What can cause Candida overgrowth?
•  a toxic bowel
•  stress
•  weakened adrenal glands
•  all antibiotics
•  tetracycline for acne
•  birth control pills
•  steroids – cortisones
•  sugar consumption
•  alcohol consumption
•  nutritionally unbalanced diet
•  over consumption of yeasted bread
•  low stomach acidity
•  diet high in processed carbohydrates
•  weakened immune system
•  too many mushrooms or peanuts
•  anti-metabolites used in cancer chemotherapy

What are the symptoms?
Place a number in front of each of the symptoms that you have. A person can experience a few, or many, or most of the following symptoms.

1 = mild 2 = moderate 3 = severe

Depression, anxiety, sudden mood swings, lack of concentration, attention deficit disorder, drowsiness, poor memory, headaches, light-headedness, insomnia, fatigue, nervousness, irritability.

Abdominal bloating, pain and gas, indigestion, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, gastritis, mucus in stools, anal itching, food allergies, sugar cravings, starchy carbohydrate cravings, hypoglycaemia, blurred vision.

Reoccurant bladder infections, burning or urgent urination, cystitis, urethra itching, vaginal burning or itching, vaginal discharge, vaginal yeast infections, menstrual cramping, night sweats, Jock itch, prostate problems.

Muscle and/or joint swelling and pain. Tight, tense or twitching muscles.

Bleeding gums, dry mouth and tongue, cracked tongue, thrush, white coated, tongue, and burning tongue or mouth. Excessive mucus in nose, sinus, throat and lungs, respiratory problems, chest pain. Mouldy wet-weather days can aggravate symptoms. Dry, heated home environments in winter can also.

Lymph congestion, lymph node tenderness, poor immune response to flus and colds, etc.

Dermatologic problems, psoriasis, eczema, fungal skin problems, acne, fungal nail invasion on fingers or toes, itchy ears, ear infections, scalp itchiness and itchy skin anywhere on body.

Experts estimate that over 80 million Americans and Canadians have Candidiasis, but the majority do not attribute their symptoms to this modern epidemic.

Place a number beside each symptom that you are experiencing:

1=mild 2=moderate 3=severe

Sugar cravings
Carbohydrate cravings
Alcohol cravings
Abdominal bloating & gas
Constipation or diarrhea
Itchy skin on body, scalp, vagina, or rectum
White coated tongue
Bad taste in mouth
Vaginal discharge
Vaginal yeast infections
Jock itch
Urinary infections
Sinus problems, Headaches
Foggy thinking brain

Fungal Infection
Remember that this condition is an infection. It must be cleared up or your health will deteriorate. If you have lymph node or gland tenderness, this is a another symptom that your body has an infection going on in it. Candida infection is a stubborn infection to conquer. It is not like a bacterial infection that can be ended in a week with an antibiotic. However a fungal infection can take several months or a year to recover from.

How do I know if I have this condition?
You should consider meeting with a Nutritional Consultant to evaluate your health, and test for the energetic presence of Candida overgrowth. Only then, can a personal program be planned for you. It could initially include the following:

•  Symptomatology Health Assessment
•  Physical Examination
•  Diet Evaluation
•  Stress and Lifestyle Assessment
•  Live Blood Cell Analysis
•  Kinesiology Muscle Response Testing
•  The Meridian Test for Fungus & Parasites
•  In-Office Biochemical Lab Tests

It is also important to have the body tested for the energetic presence of parasites and bacteria, as they often are there along with the fungus.

Sugar Cravings
Sugar cravings occur quite easily with a Candida condition. You may feel a driving force to eat sugar or carbohydrates. This can feel like an addiction, which it very well is. Fungus wants to be fed by these foods. But they must be starved with the Candida diet. If a craving occurs, have some sugarless gum handy. Chew a half a piece of gum until the feeling subsides, then discard the gum. As you start to eliminate the Candida, these symptoms will subside.

Weight Loss/Gain
Candida can cause weight gain as the metabolism is slowed due to the problems in the digestive system. Sugar consumption, due to cravings, creates more calories in the diet. This will cause weight gain. If you do have excess pounds in weight, you might lose 5-10 pounds on the Candida Program. If your weight is normal, you could lose just a couple pounds, but regain them when you adjust the Candida Diet to include a few more calories. If you are underweight at present, be sure to increase your calories while on this program. Consult your Nutritionist for guidance.

Food Allergies
If your condition is chronic , you may experience a wheat sensitivity. It is then necessary to refrain from eating wheat for the first 2-3 months while on the diet. The sensitivity will gradually disappear as the digestive tract heals from the fungal infection. If your condition is even more chronic , you may be gluten sensitive. This means that you will have to avoid all food products made of wheat, oats, rye, barley and refined white flours. This sensitivity can also reverse after being on the diet for some time. As the digestive tract heals from a gluten sensitivity, it might only be sensitive to wheat or corn only. Everyone is different and individual with this kind of issue. The main food allergies actually will be to sugar, yeast, alcohol, also the sugar found in refined carbs, and milk products. It is most important to energetically reverse these allergies through SAS THERAPY ( S trengthening A llergy S tress). Ask your Nutritionist or see the website for information. If these allergies are not reversed, the immune system will continually be stressed, and not rebuild itself. This can result in a relapse or reoccurrence of Candida!

Take time to sit down and eat. Chew your food to a soupy liquid before swallowing. Relax, exercise, and get adequate rest while the infection is healing. If this is not enough to reduce your stress, speak to your Nutritionist for additional ideas. Stress puts the adrenal glands out of hormonal balance. Adrenal stressing will cause fatigue and nervousness. It can cause hypoglycemia and sugar imbalance. Have your adrenals assessed by your Nutritionist to determine your level of adrenal stress. This can be done with a biochemical urine stress-test. Herbs can be taken to increase your energy and reduce sugar cravings by strengthening the adrenals.

It will take a few months to control this nasty fungus, so be patient. You may not feel well in the beginning, but each week you will feel better and better. You will become encouraged as you go along in the Candida program. Your cravings will subside. You will get well!! It is expected and anticipated.

Antibiotics and Birth Control Pills
Avoid antibiotics if possible. A side effect of antibiotics is the destruction of the intestinal flora. This is the friendly bacteria that live in the intestinal tract. If Antibiotic Therapy is necessary, immediately begin taking a probiotic to replenish the good bacteria in the intestines. Just don't swallow the medication and the probiotic at the same time as the antibiotic will destroy the probiotic. When finished with the antibiotic therapy, double or triple the dose of the probiotic for 2-3 weeks, and then go to a maintenance dose. If you take Birth Control Pills, patch or injection, there can be a problem with trying to recover from Candida. Some women may want to stay on a maintenance dose of anti-fungal. Chronic cases should investigate other alternative forms of birth control. Always be aware of your symptoms in the event of a Candida reoccurrence.

Get checked every 6 months for Candida overgrowth, especially if you take birth control pills.

Constipation & Magnesium
Constipation is an obvious problem while having Candida. It is commonly known that Candida pulls magnesium out of the body. The cause of constipation is a lack of magnesium. Magnesium is called the “relaxer”. When magnesium is reduced the colon nerves and muscles tense up into a holding pattern. As this continues year after year, the colon can become spastic, creating actual mild or severe spasms. When there is Candida present, the colon tissues will swell and bloat to make constipation even worse. Gases can build up and block the colon further. It is best to try to empty the colon and reduce the toxic load. The options are taking a laxative, an enema or colonic. However taking magnesium daily can be helpful. When the body has absorbed as magnesium as it can, it will throw the rest into the colon. If there is too much magnesium it can make the stools loose. Every one is different in the amount required, 750-1500 mg daily.

It is better to have the stools a little loose than be constipated. The abdomen will feel flat and better. If you get watery diarrhea more than one day, back off the magnesium by skipping a dose for a day. Otherwise too much diarrhea can cause a loss of electrolyte minerals.

Microtoxins and Die-off Symptoms
As the fungi eat from the host, which is you, they release very irritating toxins. It is these microtoxins that make you feel sick. But also, when the Candida are in the process of being killed off, they can create an overburdened amount of toxins in the colon which stresses the liver as it tries to filter the blood. You could feel fatigued, headachy, dizzy, or feel other symptoms that could last a couple of days at a time. Other symptoms could be sugar cravings, nausea, gas, irritability, blurred vision, urinary problems, but these do vary from person to person. If you do colon cleansing of some sort while killing off the fungus, die-off symptoms are less likely to occur, as you cleanse the colon and reduce the “toxic load”. Taking a high dose of magnesium can create some diarrhea that will help to reduce the bowel toxicity. The other option is to have a Colonic Therapy.

Cleansing Response
Remember that you are on a Cleansing-Detox Program. So, if you do not feel well, you may be cleansing quicker than your body can handle. Therefore, stop all products for 2 days, and then resume again. It may be necessary to take a reduced dose when resuming the remedies for a few days, and then go to the recommended dose. Bloating can be the most uncomfortable symptom. As Candida is being killed off the tissues of the intestines can swell with bloating. If these die-off symptoms continue to be a problem, it may be necessary to reduce the toxins in the colon with a laxative, enema or Colonic Therapy. Speak to your Nutritionist for guidance.

Colon Cleansing
Your greatest weapon against Candida is a good colon cleansing program. Remember that it is in the colon where Candida predominantly lives. Clean up the waste dump and the fungus will not easily survive. A good cleansing program with oxygen is essential. An oxygenated environment will not allow microbes to survive but will not destroy good, friendly bacteria. Constipation and bloating can be a problem. Try enemas or colonics to reduce the toxic build-up. Otherwise use magnesium instead of a laxative. Laxatives stress the colon's nerves and muscles but magnesium relaxes the muscles to release its contents. It may be necessary to flush out the colon weekly or monthly, depending on the toxic irritation going on. At least, plan on reducing your toxic load monthly. Prunes will not be good because they are a fruit. Check for any sugars in your formula if you do use a herbal laxative. Magnesium Therapy may be best. It will relax the colon muscles so that the contents will flush out with diarrhea. Try 750-1500 mg. magnesium in capsules or powder before bedtime. Diarrhea should occur within 2-12 hours. If it does not, try again the next day. Everyone responds differently so you might have to play around with the magnesium to find out what is best for your body. Maybe it is better to take in divided doses daily to make the stools loose. Having loose stools is best, better than constipation. Just make sure that there is not daily watery diarrhea, as that much could drain too much energy from the body. Maybe just skip a day of taking any magnesium.

Colonic Therapy
If Colonic Therapy or enemas are done during this program, die-off symptoms rarely occur because the liver is not as overburdened with toxins. After the third colonic, the sugar cravings are dramatically reduced which is a great comfort. This therapy provides a faster recovery with improved symptoms and a stronger feeling of well-being. It may be helpful to do at least 4 colonics, and for some people at least 8 sessions. Ask your Nutritionist about this therapy.

Liver & Lymph Congestion
The lymphatics across the chest, armpits or side of ribcages can hurt. Lymphatic glands can swell into a small lump in the armpits. Glands can feel tender in the groin area or neck. If any of these symptoms occur, the body is telling you that there is an infection going on. This can be the case with a Candida Infection. Liver symptoms are not as noticeable. If the lymph is congested, the liver certainly will be too. The job of the liver is to filter the blood. When the blood and liver are toxic, the skin can be affected. If any of these symptoms are occurring, it is best to take a blood/liver herbal cleanser.

Immune System Weakness
After killing off Candida and detoxifying the body, other systems may need nourishing and balancing such as the bladder-kidneys, reproductive system, and nervous system. It is also important to rebuild the immune system and alkalize the cells of the body to ensure complete recovery and little chance of reoccurrence. It is good to concentrate at rebuilding the immune system after the Candida Program is completed with the Candida completely cleared.

Stomach Issues
If the stomach acids are out of balance, the situation must be remedied as you will be more susceptible to Candida reoccurrence. If the stomach does not function efficiently, upper digestive symptoms will occur, as well as gas that will move into the colon with gas causing bloating. Upper digestive problems can also occur with liver congestion. Since you are doing a colon cleanse with the Candida Program, this is a good time to detoxify the liver too.

Candida overgrowth can cause an imbalance in blood sugar called hypoglycemia. This means low blood sugar. Symptoms can be lightheadedness or dizziness, weakness with lack of concentration. These symptoms are alleviated by eating. Candida commands to be fed. It will create sugar cravings and put the body out of blood sugar balance. As the Candida infection clears with the Candida Program, hypoglycaemia will become readjusted. The best way to help hypoglycaemia symptoms is to have snack between meals. Always eat a balanced diet: protein with the carbohydrate along with a little fat. Consult your Nutritionist.

Kidney-Bladder Infections
A leaky gut will allow the fungus from the bowels to invade nearby tissues such as the urinary tract and reproductive tract. Reoccurring urinary tract infections can most often be caused by fungal overgrowth. Reoccurring vaginal yeast infections and heavy menstrual bleeding can be a sure sign as well. It may be necessary to test the urine with a Chemstrip Test to periodically check for urinary infection if irritation is felt. If there is infection present, it is advisable to see your Physician for a urinalysis. Antibiotics are the usual treatment which you know can encourage yeast overgrowth again. If an antibiotic is taken, this will put you back at the beginning of the Candida Program. This can be a major setback, but may be necessary. If urinary infection or irritation occurs as a pattern, it is wise to be checked for food allergies and then have them eliminated. These infections are another indicator of immune weakness.

Reproductive Problems
Vaginal discharge and itchiness are most annoying symptoms. It may be necessary to address the issue locally. Menstrual imbalances need attention so that you can feel normal again. A positive pap smear test resulting in Cervical Dysplasia can have Candida as one of the causes and this condition definitely needs to be addressed. Ask your Nutritionist how to do vaginal implants or douches. Inserting a cream-lubricated Bifidus capsule daily into the vagina or rectum might be helpful. Using the drug store vaginal applications can help too. Meanwhile, keeping the area moistened helps with the itchiness. These symptoms can be most annoying and frustrating. It will take some time to get relief, a few weeks of being on the Program is necessary.

Tongue and Mouth Irritation
The tongue and mouth are a reflection of the bowel. When the bowel is toxic from fungal overgrowth, the tongue will have a white coating or a white film on it. This can cause a bad taste in the mouth or a burning sensation. A severe case of this is called thrush. As you do the Candida Program and get gradually better, your tongue will clear. If you have a bad diet day by eating something you shouldn't, your tongue will be affected in the morning. It is good to use a wet wash cloth to wipe down your tongue every morning. Then after brushing you teeth, gargle with 3% hydrogen peroxide, and pour over your toothbrush. 3% concentration of hydrogen peroxide can be found at any pharmacy.

Nail Fungus
If you have fungus on the fingernails or toenails, it can take a few months to heal it. It appears as a white thickening of the nails. As well as doing the diet and whole Candida Program, the problem must be addressed by topical application. Grapefruit seed extract or Tea Tree Oil or 3% Hydrogen Peroxide applied twice or more daily will work. Cover with a bandaid if desired. Actually, applying honey will work too as it also is an antimicrobial. Be patient as this is a time game. It took a long time to create this problem so allow some time to heal the problem.

Skin Rashes
Candida can cause many types of skin rashes, including dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, anal or vaginal itchiness, jock itch, and any type of itchy skin irritation. Grapefruit Seed or Tea Tree Oil sprays work the best with several applications daily. Small raised pimples can occur on the scalp resulting in itchiness. If the hair and scalp is washed daily, it will help to reduce this symptom. Anal itching and Jock itch are typical skin problems too. The skin has to heal internally with the Candida Program. It might take at least 4 weeks of being on the program for the itchiness to subside. You might notice that if you eat anything in your diet that feeds fungus, itchiness can occur within an hour or the following day. Keep the skin moist with any kind of moisturizing cream as well. There are ant-fungal creams at the pharmacy too. Be patient. It eventually will get better. This issue was not created overnight. It takes time to heal. It would be good to work with a herbal blood/liver purifier as well. If there is an eczema or dermatitis condition, it is always best to determine if there is Candida overgrowth, as there often is. Ring worm though is a definitive sign of fungus.

Sinus Infections
Sinus problems are typical with fungal infections. Not only does bacteria gather in the sinuses, but also fungus which is the main cause of problems. If a sinus infection is bad, antibiotics are prescribed by your doctor. Unfortunately, the antibiotics will clear the bacterial infection but will feed the fungus. This can be a major setback. However, sometimes this needs to be done if the bacterial infection is unbearable. You may notice before a rainy day or when it does rain that your sinuses do feel congested. The moulds are building up in the environment that congests the sinuses. A nasal spray can be helpful, such as grapefruit seed that is anti-microbial. You can try the one by Nutribiotic. As Candida is cleared, sinus problems are over too.

Muscle Problems
It is well documented that the mineral magnesium is drawn from the body's cells when there is excessive growth of Candida. Muscles can cease up or just tense up. Tight muscles can be felt in the back, neck, shoulders or calves. Muscles can twitch in the eyes, cheeks, legs, or the whole body during sleep. These symptoms indicate a loss of magnesium. Magnesium is the most important mineral to the body, especially to the inside of cells. Nerves and muscles work together. Both are affected by a lack of magnesium. If symptoms are bothersome, it may be necessary to supplement with extra magnesium. As the body heals from Candida, it will maintain its level of magnesium more easily. If a person has Fibromyalgia, special attention must be taken to the type of magnesium Supplement that is more easily absorbed into the muscles.

Antifungal Supplements
There are many antifungal supplements such as grapefruit seed, oregano, cinnamon, caprylic acid, and homeopathics that can help. These herbal remedies can be effective for mild to chronic Candida cases. Chronic cases may also have to use some medications if not responding. If you are having reoccurring urinary infections, It is best to take anti-fungal homeopathics as the herbs might irritate the tissues further. It is most important to not run out of your anti-fungal supplement while on This Program. The fungus can rise up and get strong again, creating a relapse.

AntiFungal Medications
There are medications that can be prescribed by your Physician. However, it is difficult to get your doctor to recognize Candida as a condition, and to treat it satisfactorily. There are basically 3 main medications. The mildest is Nystatin which has an effect on the intestines only. The next two remedies work throughout the whole body. Diflucan is stronger, taking 1 tablet weekly, usually. The strongest is Lamisil. Both of these medications can cause toxic, digestive upsets with lymphatic and liver congestion. If Lamisil is taken long-term, your physician should monitor your liver, It is very helpful to take a blood/liver herbal remedy periodically while taking these medications. If your Candida condition is stubborn, you may want to consider medication. You can research these medications on the internet. 1-2 tablets can be helpful.

Probiotics (friendly bacteria)
Supplementation with acidophilus and bifidus strains of “friendly bacteria” is essential to recolonize the intestines. While the bacteria will not kill Candida, they do inhibit Candida's growth and generally work to maintain healthy bowels, making it more difficult for Candida to thrive. Use freeze-dried or refrigerated probiotics. Acidophilus is the main bacteria found in the small intestines. Bifidus is the main bacteria found in the colon. Since Candida resides predominantly in the colon, Bifidus is the most important bacteria to rebuild the colon. If Probiotics are not taken, more gas will occur.

Antibiotic Medications
If you have to take an antibiotic for some reason, take lots of friendly bacteria too. Just do not swallow them at the same time. After the antibiotic, double or triple the probiotic dose for 2-4 weeks. Antibiotics immediately kill off the protective, friendly bacteria that resides in the intestines. When this happens the body is extremely vulnerable to Candida. Taking an antibiotic can put you back to point zero by starting all over with this program.

Once you have had an overgrowth of fungus and yeast, this makes you more susceptible for a reoccurrence. It is important to set a goal to be checked for Candida every 6 months. Always be aware of any possible symptoms of Candida. A reoccurrence can happen if you eat sugars and drink alcohol, take antibiotics or birth control pills, too much stress, etc. You definitely have a sugar intolerance or allergy as it weakens your immune system. As soon as you notice that you have a craving for sugar, or a white vaginal discharge; it is possible Candida is a problem again. Each person has her/his own set of symptoms that can indicate a possible problem with fungus. It is important to be checked every 6 months by your Nutritionist for the presence of fungal and parasitic invasion. This is a very good pre-cancer prevention measure.

You may feel like you have lost yourself. What happened to the old you? Well, the way that you feel with Candida is not the real you. Many of your symptoms of mental confusion, lack of attention and memory problems, low self-esteem, and anxiety, etc. are ways for your body to speak to your mind to tell you that something is wrong inside. As you heal yourself from this condition, you will become happy, energetic, and your vitality will return. You will enjoy the great reward of returned health. Healing is a journey of self-discovery, so you will learn much about yourself. You will be assured to know that you have the power to heal yourself, as you take back the power to control your life. I am proud of you for the hard work you have done with this program. Congratulations!

Try this simple test to determine if you have Candida. First thing in the morning, before you put anything into your mouth, get a clear glass. Fill it with water. Work up a bit of saliva and spit into the glass of water. Check the water in an hour or so. If you have a fungal problem, you will see string-like legs hanging down from the surface, or cloudy specks suspended in the water, or cloudy saliva sunk to the bottom of the glass. After an hour, if the saliva is still just floating on top of the water, you probably have Candida under control. This is a good test to monitor your fungal level once a month.

Candida Diet
This is a Sugar-free, Yeast-free, Fruit-free, Milk-free, Alcohol-free Diet.

Following this Candida Diet is very challenging because of food cravings. You won't do this diet perfectly, but you must try your best. Cravings will greatly reduce after the first 4 weeks. The Candida needs to be starved to death by avoiding :

•  Absolutely all forms of sugar ; including that found in donuts, cereals, catsup, syrups, sweetened juices, jams, cookies, icecream, etc.

•  All natural sugars such as honey, maple syrup, and raw sugar that feeds fungus. Also aspartame. For chronic cases, stevia too.

•  All alcohol beverages such as liquor, wine, and especially beer because that are made with yeast and sugar.

•  All yeast containing foods such as bread, crackers, pita, baked goods and pastries.

•  All fruits because they are high in natural sugar. When also taken as a juice drink, the sugar goes directly into the blood stream and raises the blood sugar. So this includes all fruit juices .

•  All fruit flavoured herbal teas .

•  All milk products , yogurt and cheese as they contain milk sugars, as well as create a mucus environment for fungus to live in.(butter is OK)

•  All rice milk and soya milk because of the sugar content.

•  All mushrooms , absolutely as they are a fungus.

•  All peanut butter , as it too is a fungus.

•  Carrot juice and beet juice because of the high sugar content that goes directly into the blood stream.

•  Reduce vinegar as it allows yeast to grow.

•  Reduce fermented foods , such as soy sauce, catsup, mustard, pickles, beets, sauerkraut, and sardines.

•  Some individuals may not be able to tolerate wheat, so should try to avoid for awhile, but wheat is not generally on the avoidance list.

You will probably not do this diet perfectly, but you must try your best. You will begin to notice that whenever you eat these “avoided foods”, you will get rectal gas and bloating along with some of the “Most Common Symptoms” on the list.

Sugar and yeast feeds fungus !!!

What can I eat?
•  You can eat sourdough bread (yeast & sugar free).

•  Try corn, or wheat tortillas that are called wrap-ups. The flatbreads are good that are not raised with yeast. Hard or soft taco shells are acceptable too. Look for yeast-free crackers as most contain sugar too.

•  All forms of pasta can be eaten.

•  Oatmeal , rice , potatoes , yams , and barley are good. Go easy on rice cakes and popcorn. Eat all of these carbohydrates only if a protein is eaten along with it to slow the sugar into the bloodstream.

•  Try quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) which is a tasty ancient grain with a nutty, rice flavour.

•  All meats , eggs , fish , and seafood ,

•  All tofu, beans , legumes and almond butter are good.

•  All vegetables are good.

•  All herbal teas , except fruit-flavoured ones.

•  All salads.

• All butter and oils.

• All raw nuts and seeds in small amounts.

**** Whenever you eat carbohydrates (starches), they should be eaten with some protein. This will help prevent the carbs from turning into sugar so quickly in the bloodstream. Thus, there is less chance that the carbs will feed the yeast/fungus. Do NOT eat carbs by themselves.