Symptomatology Questionnaire indicating symptom stressors.

Biochemical In-Clinic Lab Tests for stress indicators regarding:
Adrenals, Bowel Toxicity, Vitamin C, Zinc, Acid-Alkaline.

Iris Eye Analysis for stress indicators for all major organs of the body.

Meridian Test for acupuncture energy stress on the organs, toxic substances, heavy metals, microbes, vitamins, minerals, etc.

Meridian Test for Food and Environmental Allergies.

Live Cell Blood Analysis with a microscope to detect blood stressors for nutritional deficiencies and toxicities.

Muscle Response Testing as a biofeedback technique to indicate mental and emotional stressors that weaken the body.

Physical Body Assessment as a way to learn how to self-exam oneself.

Weight and Body-Fat Analysis.

Hair Mineral Analysis for minerals and heavy metals.

Outside Lab Test for Iodine Deficiency.

In Office Quizes

The Health Assessment has given you a direction or path to follow to wellness. Now its time to take ACTION! It takes time to make-over a body to be healthy and strong. It took time for it to weaken. Be patient and diligent. It will be rewarding. This will be an investment for a good quality of life.

Balance the Adrenals:
If the adrenals are weak or stressed, they will need to be supported. A
urine test can determine if the minerals in it are balanced indicating the
strength or weakness of the adrenals. Learn how to cope with stress and
identify its symptoms.

Cleanse & Detox:
This is the foundation of Holistic Medicine. Assess your environmental toxic exposure to toxins, chemicals and heavy metals. Learn how to cleanse wisely and effectively.

Support Your Weaknesses:
Everyone has inherited physical weaknesses. Learn what they are and how to support them. Learn how to pay attention to your “body-talk” through its symptoms. Strengthen the body and its immune system.

Identify Your Food & Environmental Sensitivities:
Once they have been identified, you can reduce them in your diet. They can be strengthened with SAS Therapy. Repair digestive stress.

Balance Your Acid/Alkaline pH:
Assessing your body’s acidity while learning to improve your diet.
Alkalizing body tissues through diet and supplements.

Balance Vitamins and Minerals:
Identifying deficiencies and insufficiencies. Maximizing absorption.

Fine Tune Your Blood Picture:
Adjusting the diet and lifestyle for a high-quality level of health.
“Living the Natural Lifestyle” for slowing down the aging process.
Increasing enzymes and oxygen.