Homeopathy is the principle that “like cures like”. These vibrational, homeopathic remedies contain a form of electricity, carrying a counter vibration to the vibration of the mal-functioning part of the body. This counter vibration will cancel the wave signature of a pathogen or im-balance associated with the illness. This is based on Quantum Physics. A repertoire of over 2,000 homeopathic remedies is utilized. Genetic Homeopathy is unique because it addresses the inherited, genetic miasms that block the function of our DNA. We inherit these miasms from our ancestors, Genetic Homeopathy removes the true, root cause of the dis-ease. By canceling out these miasms, the body no longer attracts pathogens and imbalances due to inherited weaknesses, but goes back into balance. This therapy provides long-lasting and most often, permanent results.