3 DAY FAST for Cellular Cleansing

It takes at least 3 days of eating no food for the cells of the body to release their toxins.

It is required to do 1 day of preparation on either side of the fast. The first day is to prepare to go into the fast. The 5th day is to prepare to go back to regular eating. If there is fungal overgrowth in your body, best not to eat or drink fruit because of the sugar content. Drink 6 glasses of water daily. Green drinks can be used in addition to vegetable juices.

1st Day Eat only raw vegetables and fruits. No more than 2 fruits.
2nd Day Vegetable juice. No more than 2 glasses fruit juice.
3rd Day Lots of herbal tea. Twice a day eat meat or vegetable broth.
4th Day Vegetable juice. No more than 2 glasses of fruit juice.
5th Day Eat only raw fruits and vegetables. No more than 2 fruits.

It is best to cleanse the colon thoroughly before starting a fast.

It is good to take herbs while doing this fast and to continue taking them for a total of 30 days.

Recommended Herbal Supplements to target each of the elimination organs to cleanse:

IRIS (by Elite) can be taken for the liver, blood, lymph, skin, eyes and a little for the kidneys.

VIAFORCE RPM (by Elite) can be taken for the kidneys, bladder and lungs.

OXYCLEANSE (by Earth’s Bounty) for intestinal cleansing and putting oxygen into the colon and small intestine.

Also, a bottle of probiotics can be taken to build up the friendly bacteria on the intestines which is acidophilus and bifidus good bacteria.

Baths or skin brushing can be done to cleanse the skin.

If you cannot do a fast or dietary cleanse, just try to eat the best that you can and take the cleansing herbs for 30 days. It is valuable to cleanse at the change of every season for 30 days with the herbs after cleansing out the colon firstly. Try the above herbal formulas. Do an organ cleanse 4 times a year.

Instead of fasting for 3 days, you could try to do a dietary cleanse. Eat only raw fruits and vegetables for 3-5 days. Drink lots of water. Can also drink green drinks and vegetable juices.