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Once all the different assessment tools about the health of body have been gathered, a Therapy Program can be implemented. When therapy begins, there should be a vision of where it is going. It will follow a course that will meet goals and will take a certain length of time. Goals will be set and achieved. As the first health goal is reached, you will see light in your tunnel of ill health and then have hope. As you begin to heal yourself, you will believe that you can heal yourself of other issues too, and rebuild your body. The journey of healing will be interesting and empowering.



3 Day Cellular Cleanse Fast
Colonic Therapy
Constipation Solutions
Emotional Freedom Technique
Genetic Homeopathy
Herbal Medicine
Holistic Wellness Program

Miracle Magnesium Therapy
Royal Liver Gallbladder Flush
Vitamin C Therapy

Chelation IV Therapy