One year manufacturer’s warranty against defects, not including filters.

Special Features
- Technology of system was designed in Japan. Manufactured in Malaysia.

- Just pour tap water into the top container to make filtered, mineralized, alkaline water.

- Removes harmful substances, and re-mineralizes the water, while adjusting the pH to alkaline.

- Reverse osmosis and distilled water is acidic.
Magnetic spout activates water molecules to energize and oxygenate water.

- Gravity powered, no electricity or plumbing.

- Easily portable & environmentally friendly. Great to take to the cottage.

- Containers are #5 polypropylene plastic that does not leach into the water.

- Independent Lab Tests have been done for heavy metals with none detected.

- There will be a ceramic version approximately $350 - $400

- Holds 10 litres of purified water in the bottom tank. The top tank holds 5 litres.


- 0.3 micron ceramic Pre-filter removes rust and sediment. Made of natural diatomic earth.

- 5 Stage Main filter: 1. Charcoal carbon 2. Silica 3. Zeolite granules 4. Mineral sands 5. Bio ceramic.

- Cleanses chlorine, bacteria, germs, parasites, THMs, organic chemicals, heavy metals,
detergents, and other chemicals.

- The fifth layer of the 5 Stage filter is ceramic that mineralizes the water while imparting far-infrared energy.

- Takes 3-4 hours for water to flow through filters, 5 hours with new filter.


- Mineral stone basket releases 20 kinds of ionized minerals.

- Remineralizes with silica, zeolites, germanium, and electrolytes.

- World Health Organization recommends drinking water with calcium,copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, sodium, potassium and zinc. Santevia water contains all of these minerals.


- Makes water alkaline from 8.2 - 8.4 pH

- Alkaline water will not disturb stomach acids.

- pH litmus paper cannot accurately test the pH of water. A pH meter must be used.

Care of Unit

- Clean upper tank with vinegar periodically if calcium build-up from tap water.

- Do not let it sit in the sun, nor let moisture build up in the sides of the container as bacteria could possibly grow.

- Living water should be used within 3 days to prevent any bacterial growth.

- If you go away, empty the water system and place filters into refrigerator to prevent any possible bacterial growth.

- Ceramic Pre-Filter and 5 Stage Central Filter needs to changed periodically (Every 12 months with 2 people drinking 8 glasses per day). Approx. $30 retail ceramic filter.

- Ceramic Pre-filter may need cleaning every 1-2 weeks. Check the bottom side of the filter that is not visible.

- 5 Stage filter will become visibly dirty when it needs to be replaced. (Maybe every 6 months) Approx. $30.

- Mineral Stone Post-Filter in bottom tank does not need to be replaced for 5 years.

Disposal of Filters

Filters can be environmentally disposed. Ceramic filter can be crushed and go back to the earth while the plastic piece can be recycled. The 5 stage filter and the mineral stone basket can be pried apart with the contents naturally put back to the earth, while the plastic can be recycled.

Visit the Santevia website.

Clean, Mineralized, Alkaline Water that tastes GREAT!
See videos on website on usage and assembly.