(stress, nerves, adrenals, mild energy) (by ELITE)

This formula is excellent at relaxing and strengthening the nervous system. It is high in minerals. Excessive pressure is almost unavoidable in our modern pace of life. R-Pose can help the body to adapt to changing external pressures and demands while maintaining external pressures and demands while maintaining internal balance and repose.

Sea and earth elements are together to achieve equilibrium.

Ingredients: ginseng, red clover, alfalfa, kelp, Irish moss, dulse, watercress, oatstraw, raspberry leaf

Historically, these herbs have been known to be used for:
has been known as an energy enhancer, and strengthener of the nerves, as it combats stress and improves reflexes. Red Clover is an antispasmodic and muscle relaxant. It is an excellent glandular restorer, blood purifier and mineralizer. Alfalfa is very high in minerals, especially calcium. Kelp is high in minerals supporting the nerves and thyroid. Irish Moss is one of nature's greatest mineralizers of the sea. It is a general body alkalizer and tissue restorer. Dulse strengthens nervous energies. Watercress is a valuable blood builder rich in organic minerals. Oatstraw is rich in organic silicon, nourishing and rebuilding nerves. Raspberry Leaf is high in iron and organic compounds for blood building.

1 capsule 2X day with or without food. During stressful times, 1 capsule every 1-2 hours for 1-3 days if needed, then 1 capsule 2X day.

(silica, calcium absorption, nerves) (by ELITE)

Trans Kal is rich in natural silica, an important mineral companion to calcium. This fabulously combined variety of herbs can be beneficial to those who are low in calcium absorption. It's also good for the strengthening of the nails and hair.

Ingredients: alfalfa, oatstraw, red raspberry, rosehips, horsetail, blessed thistle, watercress, yucca, L-Taurine. 

Historically, these herbs have been known to be used for:
This combination of herbs supports calcium absorption. They are all high in silica, calcium, other minerals, trace minerals and vitamins. Alfalfa is high in calcium and trace minerals. Oatstraw feeds the nerves, liver, skin, nails and joints. Red Raspberry is high in calcium. Rosehip helps prevent infection. Yucca helps in arthritis and rheumatic joints. Okra seeds are much higher in iron and calcium than soybeans. Blessed thistle great for mother's milk production and benefits the liver. Watercress increases physical endurance and stamina.Horsetaill excellent for bone ,hair, nails teeth, promotes healing for broken bones,L-Taurine ,amino acid present in the heart muscle, protective effect on the heart.

1 capsule 2X day with or without food.