(liver, gallbladder, blood, lymph, kidneys, skin, eyes)

A most unique formula with a multi-purpose focus. It is a full-body cleansing program. It has nourishing and strengthening factors intended for the optic nerves in the eyes, brain and hepatic cell management. It is important to keep the blood clean. It has the ability to balance out cysts.

Ingredients: GINKGO, Dandelion, Artichoke, Red Eyebright, Rose hips, Korean ginseng, Marigold (lutein), beet root, chicory, chamomile, wild Oregon grape, plantain.

Historically, these herbs have been known to be used for Ginkgo:
Cerebral vascular insufficiency, depression, neuralgia, asthma, colds, good utilisation of oxygen. Dandelion has been a favourite liver and blood cleanser. It is used as a gentle but powerful cleansing tonic for a range of liver problems, toxic organ conditions, and circulation problems. It has the power to break down and remove cysts. Alfalfa is high in minerals for support. Rose Hips are high in vitamin C for healing of the other tissues. Ginseng increases vitality. Artichoke , high in minerals, activates liver function. Beet Root and Chicory stimulate enzyme activity through the lymphatic system, and to the circulation of the blood. Red Eyebright strengthens the optic nerves in the eyes. These herbs are known to be superb at draining and strengthening the liver and blood, as well as the eyes.

1 capsule 2X day with or without food. Best to take 1 of these capsules before bed if possible.