(kidneys, bladder, nervous system) (by ELITE)

This formula is designed for one who leads a tense and imbalanced pace of life and has irregular eating patterns. These balancing herbs are a nourishing factor for kidneys and bladder to tone urinary muscles and drain fluids in the tissues of the extremities. It is a welcoming recuperating night tonic.

Ingredients: watercress, rosehips, dulse, skullcap, elderberries, cleavers, parsley, oatstraw, passionflower.

Historically, these herbs have been known to be used for:
Watercress is a good tonic to cleanse and tone the kidneys and bladder system. Rosehips and Cleavers are high in vitamin C to flush the urinary system. Dulse promotes glandular health. Elderberries and Parsley act as a diuretic while strengthening these organs. Skullcap, Oatstraw and Passionflower rebuild the nerves in this system. Viaforce PM is very good at reducing fluid and swelling in the extremities. This remedy works while you are sleeping at night.

1 capsule 2X day with or without food.
Or best: 1 capsule at evening meal and 1 capsule before bed.
Might have to urinate more the first couple of days as it starts to work.