(joints,muscles) (by ELITE)

OLYMPIC is specially designed to be of value to those who indulge in strenuous physical exercise. Active people such athletes, gardener, hard working people who use their muscle power will benefit from this exquisite blend. It is also most valuable for people starting any new exercise program or sport. It is effective for any other joint aches and inflammation.

Ingredients: saw palmetto, licorice, wood betony, yarrow, fenugreek, oatstraw, kelp 

Historically, these herbs have known to be used for:
Saw Palmetto
is good for the reproductive glands and mucus in the throat and respiratory passages. Licorice is supportive to the adrenals. Wood Betony opens congested areas of the liver and spleen. Yarrow tones the mucus membranes of the stomach and bowels as it heals the glandular system. Fenugreek has the ability to soften and dissolve hardened masses of accumulated mucus. Oatstraw feeds the nervous system, especially while under stress. Kelp is high in minerals, and controls the body's metabolism.

1 capsule 2X day with or without food. 1-2 capsules in addition, if needed.