PFY plus
(stomach, digestion, mucus in intestines, lungs & sinuses) (by ELITE)

PFY means Papaya, Fenugreek and Yarrow. Papaya is a major part of this combination. It is well known for its amount of natural enzymes. Bromelaine also with enzymes helps break down. The accompanying herbs enhance the nutritional value obtained from food as a digestive aid. It's the special combination of these herbs that makes PFY plus a great synergistic and gentle healer for the stomach and intestines. The older we get, the less pepsin and hydrochloric acid our stomachs make. PFY is a great balancer of stomach acids, helping with indigestion. When mucus needs to be cleansed from lungs, sinuses, stomach, and intestines, it performs like a gem.

Ingredients: papaya, bromelaine, fenugreek, yarrow, slippery elm, red raspberry

Historically, these herbs are known to be used for:
contains an enzyme that breaks down protein food to a digestible state. It has been used to heal ulcers. . Bromelaine also with enzymes helps break down fat in food also has anti inflammatory properties Fenugreek has the ability to soften and dissolve hardened masses of accumulated mucus in the stomach, intestines, lungs and sinuses. Yarrow is used as a tonic in helping to regulate the function of the liver during digestion, and tones the stomach walls. Slippery Elm has the ability to neutralize stomach acidity and absorb foul gases. It draws out impurities and heals the stomach and intestines. Red Raspberry helps with nausea.

1 capsule 2X day with food. In addition, 1-2 capsules if needed, with or without food when indigestion arises. When issues are chronic, 1 capsule with each meal and before bed.