Say the following 7 times once a day for 21 days . At the end of this time frame ask yourself if you are done, or if you need to continue for another 7days. Trust your instincts to know if you are done. Do not start a new Treatment until you have taken a break for at least 7 days while resting the subconscious mind.

I remove from my subconscious mind

All ___________________, __________________ and

___________________. (associated with

_________________________________________________.) optional line

I replace it with ____________________, ___________________ and

___________________ .

I am ___________________________________________________________ .



WORRY worry, anxiety, insecurity trust, security, faith
I am trusting in the Divine Plan of the Creator.

SADNESS sadness, loss, self-pity joy, love, faith
I am filled with the Divine Love and Joy of the Creator. 

ANXIETY anxiety, fear, worry peace, faith, groundedness
I am a strong, beautiful person in the eyes of the Creator whom I trust. 

FEAR fear, anxiety, insecurity love, faith, security
I am held in the Loving Protective arms of the Creator. 

SELF-ESTEEM fear, insecurity, lack of love unconditional love, care, belief in myself
I am worthy of the Divine Love of the Creator which I accept into my heart. 

JEALOUSY insecurity, fear of loss, jealousy trust, freedom, faith
I am filled with the Divine Love and Security of the Creator. 

ENVY feelings of lack, jealousy, selfishness joy, abundance, fulfillment
I am grateful to the Creator for all that I have and all that I am. 

LOSS sadness, loss, emptiness love, peace, harmony
I am filled with the Divine Hopefulness and Comfort of the Creator. 

ANGER anger, pain, hatredness forgiveness, love, peace
I am filled with the Loving Forgiveness and Unconditional Love of the Creator.