Psychological thoughts can stress the energy system of the body. These issues can weaken the electrodynamics of the body's acupuncture system. When a lot of issues weaken the system, it is difficult to overcome our issues and move forward in our lives. When these energy circuits are strengthened, we then seem to be able to deal with our issues in a stronger, more positive way. Muscle Response Testing can determine if our circuits weaken when we think certain thoughts. If many of our thoughts are weak, we will perform in a very weak manner, never taking charge of our lives. We can quite easily strengthen ourselves in relation to our psychological problems with The Breath Technique. It is a simple technique that makes subtle changes in the personality. But by practicing it over time, these subtle changes will become accumulative and make profound changes. These profound changes can empower us to help overcome our obstacles to living a happy life.

If you don't know how to test your muscle response to a psychological issue, it won't matter. Just do the Breath Technique for each of the following issues anyhow, whether you would test weak or strong.

Say or think of the issue. Take a breath in and out twice. Then do the same for the next issue. Balance as many issues as your intuition allows you at one time. Do only as many as you think you can process in a day. Continue another day.

Check them off the list as you do them.

Go through this List of Issues 3 times, once for each of the following:

The idea of…
The fear of…
The anxiety of…

List of Issues
Deserving to live
Wishing for death
Being happy
Being unhappy
Liking myself
Not liking myself
Accepting myself
Being healthy
Being sick
Being helpless
Loss of interest in things
Faith in God
Loss of faith in God
Not having friends
My friends not liking me
Being loved
Not being loved
Falling in love
Being manipulated/controlled
Being sad
Being happy
Losing control
Not being acknowledged
Not being heard
Listening to others
No one caring
In denial
Deceiving myself
Being honest
Being true to myself
Having integrity
Forgiving myself
Being forgiven
Disliking my physical appearance
Being sexy
Hating myself
Change itself
Making positive change
Negative thoughts
Being trusted
Not being trusted
Trusting others
Not trusting others
Not trusting myself
Trusting myself
Being misunderstood
Being threatened
Threatening others
Not caring
Caring too much
Being nurtured
Being social
Being frustrated
Being angry
Being lonely
Being confused
Being smart
Feeling stupid
Making a fool of myself
Not being good enough
Being ignored
Being reckless
Being loyal
Being untruthful
Obsessing over things
Being good
Being bad
Being compulsive
Getting a break
Not being able to cry
Being competent
Being incompetent
Being confused
Being clear headed
Believing in myself
Not being able to learn
Getting sick
Being healed
Emotional pain
Not being able to bear the pain
Harming myself
Loving myself
Being at peace
Connecting with my spirit
Losing my spirit
Finding my soul's purpose
Starting all over again
Being a failure
Being gentle with myself
Asking for help
Being accountable
Loss of all hope
Being hopeful
Closing myself off
Protecting myself
Being destroyed
Opening my heart
Having a strong will
Having a weak will
Allowing others to love me
Being betrayed
Being the betrayer
Being empty
Being fulfilled
Getting a job
Losing my job
Hating my job
Liking my job
Making sacrifices
Being nervous
Being confident
Being stressed
Having patience
Being lost
Finding myself
Having a panic attack
Being judged
Judging others
Being strong
Being weak
Being resentful
Being guilty
Being scared
Being brave
Being responsible
Being irresponsible
Being thankful
Being grateful
Having lack
Being humble
Seeking direction & guidance
Making a mistake
Having good honor
Broken dreams
Creating new dreams
Letting go of the past
Embracing a future
Living in the moment
Doing hard work
Taking the easy road
Being powerless
Being powerful
Being critical
Being criticized
Having compassion
Feeling love
Life being meaningless
Life being meaningful