(Repeat each exercise 3 times if you can)

Practise this deep breath exercise first, as it is the basis for the following exercise. Lean over, with your hands resting on your knees. Exhale all of the air out of your lungs with one big exhalation as a deep sigh. Then take a quick deep breath in through the nostrils. Hold it. When you cannot breath anymore, open your mouth and gasp in a deep breath to fill your lungs again. Move back to a standing position. Do this exercise 3 times.

Squat position, holding hands in prayer pose. Hold breath while moving from squat to standing position.

Kneel down on hands and knees. Hold breath while lifting one leg into air straight behind you while squeezing butt cheeks together. Then do other leg.

Lie on back. Hold breath while lifting both legs into air. Cross one leg over the other leg, back and forth like scissors.

Lie on back, knees bent with feet flat on floor, hands on neck or head. Hold breath while doing sit-ups.

Standing position with one hand resting on knee. Hold breath while reaching with other arm over head towards opposite side of body as a stretch. Then do the other arm.

Standing position with fingers and thumbs held together in the shape of a diamond. Hold breath while pressing fingers together and hunching back.

Kneel on hands and knees. Hold breath while moving back up into an arch, like a cat.

Sit on floor with Left leg straight out in front, and Right leg crossed over the Left leg with Right foot on floor. Hold breath while pulling Right leg towards center of body, turning head and shoulders to right. Then do opposite leg.

Kneel down on hands and knees. Hold breath while lifting leg and bending leg backwards towards head. Then do other leg.

Standing position with arms straight out behind back. Hold breath while pushing out lower teeth and jaw, puckering lips outward, sticking out chin and face towards ceiling, while pressing arms towards each other.

Standing position. Hold breath, shape lips in an o position while sticking out tongue and looking up at the ceiling with head. Then when exhaling breath, lean over and place hands on knees. While doing this exhalation movement, laugh the air out by saying, Ha, ha, ha, ha