Psychological thoughts can stress the energy system of the body. These issues can weaken the electrodynamics of the body’s acupuncture system. When a lot of issues weaken the system, it is difficult to overcome our issues and move forward in our lives. When these energy circuits are strengthened, we then seem to be able to deal with our issues in a stronger, more positive way. Muscle Response Testing can determine if our circuits weaken when we think certain thoughts. If many of our thoughts are weak, we will perform in a very weak manner, never taking charge of our lives. We can quite easily strengthen ourselves in relation to our psychological problems with The Breath Technique. It is a simple technique that makes subtle changes in the personality. But by practicing it over time, these subtle changes will become accumulative and make profound changes. These profound changes can empower us to help overcome our obstacles to living a happy life.

If you don’t know how to test your muscle response to a psychological issue, it won’t matter. Just do the Breath Technique for each of the following issues anyhow, whether you would test weak or strong.

Say or think of the issue. Take a breath in and out twice. Then do the same for the next issue. Balance as many issues as your intuition allows you at one time. Do only as many as you think you can process in a day. Continue another day.

Check them off the list as you do them.

Don’t do them if you are too tired or not feeling well. Wait until another time when you are more positive to do this work.

Go through this List of Issues 3 times, once for each of the following:

The idea of…
The fear of…
The anxiety of…

the Candida condition
fungus and yeasts
being sick with this
being well from this
immune weakness
immune strength
coping with its symptoms
feeling sick from this
recovering from this
doing the Candida diet
making errors on the diet
not having enough food to eat
losing weight
sinus problems
brain fog
skin problems
tongue problems
bloating & gas
digestion problems
sugar cravings
carbohydrate cravings
saying no thanks to sugar
eating the wrong food
being in balance
people not understanding my condition
people helping me with my condition
being allergic to sugar
not being allergic to sugar
people tempting me with sugar
no longer being allergic to sugar
the pancreas malfunctioning in regards to sugar
the pancreas functioning perfectly to sugar
being stressed with this condition
being at peace with this condition
not believing that I can be healed
believing that I can heal myself
improper sugar metabolism
proper sugar metabolism
allergy to molds
giving up
being not committed
being committed
staying focused on my health goals
having a reoccurance of Candida
never having Candida again
blocking my own healing
my body being weak
my body being strong
not forgiving myself for dietary errors
forgiving myself for dietary errors
being depressed
being well and whole
changing my consciousness
strengthening my body
being frustrated with this condition
stressed with this condition
being victimized with this
being sad with this
being in harmony
changing my body
allowing my body to be a new way
allowing my mind to be a new way