Place a check mark in the spaces below in either one column or the other, to indicate which you are predominantly eating. Leave a blank if you are not eating an item from either column.

This will assist your Nutritionist with your dietary assessment. It will also assist you in assessing the quality of the foods that you are eating. These better food substitutes are a good place to start to modify your diet and the diet of your family.


____ any kind of cheese

____ cow's milk

____ yogurt

____ red meat, beef or pork

____ hot dogs

____ head lettuce

____ white bread

____ boxed breakfast cereal

____ drink tap water

____ cook with tap water

____ canned fruits

____ hydrogenated peanut butter

____ refined, white pasta

____ table salt

____ coffee

____ black tea

____ soft drinks

____ sugar

____ citrus juices

____ white rice

____ poultry with drugs

____ grocery store eggs

____ sprayed fresh vegetables

____ salted, roasted nuts & seeds

____ commercial mayonnaise

____ commercial salad dressings

____ aluminum pots & pans

____ canned fruits

____ eat fruits as dessert

____ eat proteins & starches together

____ drink liquids with meals

____ smoke cigarettes

____ drink alcohol

____ sugared jam

____ vegetable oil

____ soy sauce

____ margarine

____ salted snacks

____ fry foods with oil


____ fetta, cottage cheese

____ soya, almond, goat or rice milk

____ low-fat yogurt

____ chicken, turkey or fish

____ tofu dogs

____ romaine or leaf lettuce

____ whole grain wheat, rye, etc.

____ whole grain, cooked cereal

____ drink purified water

____ cook with purified water

____ fresh or frozen fruits

____ raw almond, cashew butter

____ whole grain or vegetable pasta

____ Celtic or Himalayan salt & minerals

____ grain substitute coffee

____ herbal tea or real green tea

____ natural soft drinks or mineral water

____ honey or maple syrup

____ less acidic juices

____ brown rice

____ drug-free poultry

____ free-range or organic eggs

____ organic fresh vegetables

____ salt-free, raw nuts & seeds

____ home-made mayonnaise

____ home-made salad dressings

____ stainless steel, glass or Teflon

____ fresh or frozen fruits

____ eat fruits as snacks

____ eat vegetables with either one only

____ no liquids or only sip liquids

____ keep quitting until actually quit

____ don't or only on special occasions

____ natural jam or apple butter

____ cold-pressed, unrefined oil

____ tamari sauce

____ butter, tahini or lecithin spread

____ unsalted snacks, fruit, nuts, seeds

____ fry foods with water or little butter

Please note that this is just some of the fine food substitutes you can use in your diet for starters.

Keep trying to improve your diet and you will get better at it.