It is good to get educated about blood serum tests that your doctor does. Most of them are covered by your medical plan. However, some of them are worthwhile paying for too. Not all of these tests will be understandable by your doctor. She/he may not agree with the efficacy of these tests or feel they are important to your health. The idea about learning about them is to empower yourself with knowledge, as well as to have an educated discussion with your physician.

Can indicate if you are likely to have a heart attack or stroke. Even if you take folic acid, you still may have dangerously high levels of homocysteine. It is a bad amino acid that irritates the arteries.

This test shows if you are taking the proper amount of DHEA.

C-reactive Protein
Measures inflammation factors in arteries. Recent studies indicate that C-reactive protein may be the most accurate risk factor for preventing heart attack and stroke.

For men and women. Determines the proper amount of this hormone in the body.

For men and women. Determines the proper amount of this hormone in the body.

Free Testosterone
For men and women. Determines whether testosterone hormone replacement should be considered as a therapy for depression, abdominal obesity, loss of libido.

Total Testosterone

Somatomedin C (IGF-1)
Includes growth hormone secretion levels.

High levels of this blood clotting factor increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.

PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen)
Can provide an early warning sign for prostate disorders and possible cancer.

PSA Free / Total Ratio
Can determine if an elevated PSA is indicative of prostate cancer.

Ovarian cancer marker.

Breast cancer marker.

Gastric-pancreatic cancer marker.

CEA (cancer)
Possible cancer.

Cortisol AM & PM
Adrenal hormone indicative to weight gain, or cause of fatigue. Blood test usually done at 8 am and again at 4 pm.


HCG (cancer)
Can be possible indicator for cancer.

Thyroid stimulating hormone.


DHT (dihydrotestosterone)

Troponin I
High levels in cardiac patients may present a 12-fold greater risk of dying over a 37 month period.

Coenzymes Q10
CoQ10 is one of the best antioxidants for your heart, and to keep your mitochondria working.

Amino Acid Profile
40 amino acids, plus interpretation, to monitor body functions and nutritional status.

Insulin Fasting
Helps determine insulin resistance (sensitivity), a pre-diabetic state, when done with glucose.