Blood pressure does fluctuate. Consecutive readings usually differ. The best method to determine your blood pressure is to average 10 measurements taken over seSveral days.

Blood Pressure Stages

Systolic Blood Pressure
(top #) (mmHg)

Diastolic Blood Pressure
(bottom #) (mmHg)
Optimal < 120 < 80
Normal < 130 < 85
High Normal 130-139 85-89

High Blood Pressure    
Stage 1 140-159 90-99
Stage 2 160-179 100-109
Stage 3 > 180 > 110

Systolic Blood Pressure is measured every time the heart beats, when the pressure is at its highest.

Diastolic Blood Pressure is measured when the heart is resting between beats and the pressure is at its lowest.

** If you are getting above normal or below normal readings, consult your Physician immediately.